Superior Labs TEST WORx Natural Testosterone Booster

The product mainly develops to boost testosterone in men and to increase energy level, enhance sleeping routine, and will develop good mood.

bottle of superior labs natural testosterone booster

Superior Labs Test Worx Natural testosterone booster is an approved product of the FDA and one of the leading testosterone booster in the market today.  This product is clinically proven to humans and not tested to animals. The product mainly develops to boost testosterone in men and to increase energy level, enhance sleeping routine, and will develop a good mood.

Before using the product you must consult your doctor first even the product sight that it’s safe to use. Those who have serious medical conditions, pregnant and breastfeeding are not allowed to use the product.


  • Vitamin B3 as Niacinamide: Vitamin B3 can lower down cardiovascular risk and ca reduce of having arthritis.
  • Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is present in different types of foods. Vitamin B6 helps the body metabolism, help the brain development of infant during pregnancy.
  • Vitamin B12: Is a type of vitamin that is water-soluble. Vitamin B12 is essential in proper red blood cells, DNA Synthesis, and neurological function.
  • Zinc: Zinc help the body in its digestive system proper functioning it also controls diabetes and makes the stress level less.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus Terrestris can boost testosterone and can help to treat infertility.
  • Maca root: Maca root is popular in enhancing sexual drive and fertility. It also improves stamina and energy.
  • Nettle root: Nettle root can enhance testosterone production and help to reduce the chance of having prostate cancer.
  • Eurycoma longifolia: Eurycoma longifolia is believed to treat erectile dysfunction among men
  • L-arginine: Like eurocoma longifolia, L-arginen is also use to treat male erectile dysfunction and male infertility. L-arginen is also use to condition heart and pain in the legs.
  • Natural rice powder: Natural rice powder can make the skin brighter.


You should take two tablets in the morning with an empty stomach with a cycle of five days on and two days off.

Side Effects

Though side effect is not common in taking this supplement some of the side effects are the following.

  1. Nausea
  2. Headache
  3. Upset stomach
  4. Low blood or high blood pressure
  5. Increased heart rate


  1. Enhance sexual drive
  2. Help to lose body fats
  3. Improves muscles growth
  4. Helps muscle recovery from damage
  5. Promotes energy


The price of Superior Labs TEST WORx Natural Testosterone Booster is competitive enough to its competitor. But some of its competitors has a lower price but if you will compare the customer review Superior labs test worx has a lot of positive review.

Superior Labs TEST WORx Natural Testosterone Booster is only available in USA as of now. manufactured by Superior Labs and you can read some of the product information in

Customer Review

Positive review

This is one of the greatest product that I ever tried

This is one of the greatest product that I ever tried, you need at least 2-3 weeks to see a real improvement, to me took 3 weeks to see the improvement… I am 41yrs old and my sexual activity get a great improvement… I highly recommend this product…

and I feel amazing. I am 42 years old

This product has worked so well for me. I have just started my 3rd week of 6, and I feel amazing. I am 42 years old, have always been athletic, but I could tell something just wasn’t right. I was tired more often, and did shorter workouts because I just wasn’t interested. I needed something to kick start me back on the right track. This product has done just that. I am building lean muscle once again, and a feel so much better. Having 3 more weeks left in the cycle, I am excited to see the outcome. I plan to purchase this again for my yearly winter routine, in which I gain a lot of my muscle back from leaning out in the summer.

Brad Evans
Stabilize and improve mood, better sleep, burn fat.

This is the 3rd testosterone booster I’ve tried and is the clear winner. At the end of the first week I began noticing that my general mood was both improved and more stable. I have more consistent energy throughout the day, too. Finally, this product has contributed (along with eliminating sugar from my diet) to fat loss and looking much leaner and “tighter.” I plan on continuing to use Test WORx and would recommend it to anyone looking for a testosterone booster.

jaime silva bey
The best for me

Hi the product is not only right is very superior to other products that I have tried. I have tried throw the years NX Labs T3, BSN Axis-ht, muscletwch T booster, combining Ginsen and Trebulus and most recently ISA-test and Isa-test GF. All these products are good but when you try something and at the second day you feel all the right tingling sensations at the right places you know this “stuff” is good. Looking forward to keep using it.

Chris Moore
Great product with incredible results!

I have been on my fitness journey for years now. As a result, I have tried dozens of different boosters and enhancers looking for something to give me an edge and help maintain the ever elusive motivation to stick with it at the gym. TEST WORx is that edge! In 6 months, I lost 85lbs. This product did an incredible job keeping me motivated, energized, and even left me a little something in reserve for those late night work outs. I felt vitalized when my regiment included included TEST WORx. I followed the dosage as instructed on label and the results were as promised. This product is more expensive than alternatives out there, but this is one of those times when you get what you pay for. The benefits I experienced as a result of sticking to my regiment while on this product far outweigh any lower competitor pricing. A great product I will continue to use in the pursuit of getting bigger, faster, and stronger!

Negative reviews

Micah K.
Not for me.

After reading all the success stories, I was eager to give this product a try. It is definitely not for me. Within a day of starting the product, I started getting headaches. I continued using the product, hoping it was just a short term problem, but after a week of constant headaches, I had to stop. It’s been a week since I stopped using the product, and I still have headaches, but I think they are reducing in the intensity of pain. Talking with my Doc, he believes that it is the Vitamin B that is causing my problems. The B that I get in a multi-vitamin, in my normal diet, then the huge amounts of B in this product is what he believes is the cause of my pain. He said it was possible that one of the other ingredients was reacting to something I already take, but he said that the vitamin B jumped out to him immediately. I definitely wish that this product worked for me, and I hope you have success with it. Many of the others have success.

Orion Gresham
Spend your money elsewhere.

Bought the first bottle and followed directions exactly. I eat clean and workout daily. I was looking for a little boost and this appeared to fit the bill. After 5 weeks i ordered a new bottle to give it a fighting chance because some claims have said it takes 5-6 weeks before you really start feeling it. After i ordered my second bottle i went two weeks and noticed NO DIFFERENCE. No boost of energy, No gain in anything. Just a dent in my wallet. Of course, with it being a 6 week supplement you miss the amazon return window. Luckliy i did not hold on anylonger and got my money back for my second bottle but im still out the cost of the first. Was looking at buying their other supplements (Other than DHEA which i purchased as well with this test worx) but i will not be purchasing more from Superior labs.

The Reviewer
Read this before purchasing, you are paying far too much.

Unfortunately the reliability and quality of Amazon reviews has gone down through the years as they have allowed sellers to compensate reviewers for their reviews, either through free products or other means. I don’t know if you are like me but sometimes I see a product with 1000+ reviews and an Amazon choice and I assume that means the product works or is superior but does it? I purchased this product for 52+ dollars without much thought because I thought if it works, it is worth it. Without reading the ingredients list, I assumed that it had figured out something that was superior to most other herbal products. What caught me is I did a search for clinically proven and so the fact that they came up in the results drove me to pay the outrageous price. After receiving the product I looked into it deeper the part that allows them to say clinically proven is simply because their product uses LJ100. My issue is that while the product may have some efficacy, they are using marketing and capitalizing on a sensitive male issue to effectively gouge you. You can find “hot plants for him” on Amazon which has essentially the same ingredients and is also effective for less than half the cost. There is nothing unique or special about this product, it is just their marketing. More than that you can buy bulk LJ100 and Macaroot powder and take and experience many of the same results if you want the other filler ingredients take a multivitamin in combination with the powders.

Don’t bother.

Didn’t feel/make a difference whatsoever in any way shape or form.

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