Solaray: Side Effects, Benefits and More

Solaray offers products including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. The 1974-founded company started selling herbal remedies and was acquired by Nutraceutical in 1993.

Solaray supplements

Are you looking for a dietary supplement company? If so then you should consider the one featured in Solaray reviews. The global herbal supplement market is worth over $66 billion. So there are several brands and products to pick from, including Solaray. This brand is under the parent company Nutraceutical, which acquired it in 1993. People have been using herbs as medicine for thousands of years. It’s important to know the basics of this company’s products, including benefits, side-effects, and other issues. It can help to determine whether or not this is an effective brand of herbal supplements you should consider.

Solaray was founded in 1973, so it’s been on the market for 35+ years. It provides several benefits over other companies that are startups, for example. It can be tough to sort through different companies since there are so many options. The key is to know the basics of different manufacturers. That includes issues like the company’s story, product lines, and online reviews. These are some of the various issues to take up. This can help you pick from products like multivitamins, minerals, amino acids, and others. It can help you sort through the different available products so you can choose wisely.

What Is Solaray All About?

Solaray’s herbal supplements have been on the market since 1974. The company’s main goal is to help improve people’s everyday health with herbal remedies. The company’s history started in 1969 when Jim Beck started learning about natural remedies.

Solaray: Benefits and Side-Effects


1. Wide-selection

The herbal extracts are made from about 150 different herbs. This provides a wide range of health benefits you can experience from different products. It’s a plus since different herbs are known to provide various benefits.

Besides herbal extracts, there’s also a wide range of herbs offered in other supplements. You can also get several benefits for those herbs since the plant material is added to some supplements instead of extracts. This allows consumers to experience different benefits from many herbs.

2. Brand

Solaray has been on the market since 1974, so it has 35+ years of industry experience. That is a plus in terms of issues like product quality and customer service. When picking an herbal product, you’ll want to have the best experience possible. That’s more likely when you pick a well-established company.

Besides being a well-established company itself, Solaray has also been under the umbrella company Nutraceutical since 1993. This is one of the industry’s leading companies. So the combination of the two adds more credibility to the company.

3. Natural

A key benefit of herbal remedies is that they contain natural ingredients. This differs from pharmaceutical products that have strong chemicals. Such chemicals can cause unwanted side-effects. That’s because the harsh chemicals are made in a lab instead of natural plants.  

You also won’t find artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners/preservatives in Solaray products. This is important because such ingredients can cause various health issues you’ll want to avoid.


The good news is the side-effects experienced from herbal supplements are usually mild. However, if you have allergic reactions from any of the ingredients then the side-effects could be more severe.

In most cases, the side-effects caused by herbal supplements like mild ones like headaches, nausea, digestion issues like constipation, dizziness, etc. If you start experiencing such side-effects you should stop using the dietary supplement immediately.

Beck had several physical/mental issues after serving in the Vietnam War. He then opened a natural food store in the state of Utah. It was opened to use organic herbs to treat health conditions. This helped Back to return to good health.

Solar Products was founded in 1974 to treat various health conditions with natural herbs. The products were available in capsules that were easy to consume. This made it easier for consumers to use.

Solaray became known by its current name in 1979. That’s when Beck renamed the company. Then during the next years, the company developed several product lines of herbal blends.

By 1984 the company was distributing products to hundreds of different health food stores in the USA. The company also launched its famous rainbow logo then.  

Then nearly a decade later, in 1993, Solaray was bought by Nutraceutical. It is one of the USA’s biggest makers of natural supplements. That allowed Solaray the ability to start distributing products to a larger market.

Today Solaray has become one of the USA’s top manufacturers of herbal supplements. That includes a wide range of different products, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and so on. The company maintains high standards, which has allowed it to remain one of the USA’s top brands of herbal supplements.  

The main goal of Solaray is to provide natural healthcare solutions to the world. This can help people avoid harsh chemicals in prescription meds.

While they can be effective they’re also loaded with stuff that can cause unwanted side-effects. That can make a bad situation worse when dealing with health issues.

Top Solaray Product Lines

Amino Acids 

There are 9 essential amino acids that we must get through food/supplements. It’s critical to make sure you’re consuming enough of all of these aminos for good health. You can consume amino acids through foods like fish, eggs, soybeans, and dairy.

However, you can also take supplements to boost your amino acid intake. The body usually produces enough of the non-EAAs. However, if you’re not getting enough of the EAAs you can boost your levels by taking supplements. These are the building blocks of protein so they can also boost your protein intake.


Some supplements include nutrients like Vitamin C that are known to help with body detox. Vitamins are a natural way to cleanse the body. So it’s a good option if you want to do a liver/body detox. In that case, Vitamin C and other nutrients are very effective. They can help to rid the body of unwanted wastes/toxins.


This is one of the most common dietary supplements besides vitamins. You can get various minerals through herbal supplements. It’s important to get enough of such minerals to help maintain good health. If you have a tough time getting the minerals through food then supplements are other options to consider.


There are various vitamins you can get from supplements. They include Vitamin A, Bs, C, etc. The best source of these nutrients is real food. However, when you want to boost your intake of various vitamins you can take supplements. Sometimes people have a condition that makes it tougher for their body to digest certain nutrients.

Other times you’ll want to increase your intake of different vitamins. An example is Vitamin C if you have the flu or a common cold, for example. Vitamin supplements make it easy to boost your intake of a particular one through a product found in Solaray reviews. 

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