San-J Tamari Premium Soy Sauce

Tamari has a long history that dates as far back as the 7th century AD. It is said to have been brought to China from Japan. Our ancestors knew that fermented and cooked soybeans produce a dark red and tasty paste called miso by the Japanese. During the ripening process of the Japanese, a liquid

San-J Tamari Soy sauce

Tamari has a long history that dates as far back as the 7th century AD. It is said to have been brought to China from Japan. Our ancestors knew that fermented and cooked soybeans produce a dark red and tasty paste called miso by the Japanese. During the ripening process of the Japanese, a liquid rich in protein accumulates. The name of this liquid was tamari which can be translated to mean “that which accumulates.” This is the origin of the Japanese soy sauce and we can say the manufacturers of San J tamari got their inspiration from here also. In the 17th and 18th centuries, soy sauce manufacturing progressed from a small household art into a commercial market. In a bid to increase their production, moromi, a thinner fermented mash replaced miso, the thick fermented paste. Somehow this evolved into the regular soy sauce we know today.

The Brand

San J inc is dedicated to manufacturing quality Asian products and premium tamari soy sauce. The brand endeavors to provide excellent services and products. It all started from the Sato family who was conducting businesses as a port wholesaler on nearby rivers before the year 1804. This family went ahead to establish a San-Jirushi company in Japan for miso and soy sauce. Their logo has a design of three rivers that came from the three rivers flowing in the area of their cargo when they worked as a port wholesaler. By the year 1978, San-Zojirushi started San J and began selling tamari soy sauce.

San J produces its tamari with its original family formula and quality ingredients. This formula has been passed through eight whole generations. It takes six months to brew up the formula using the finest quality of soybeans. The brewing process at San J is unique and their aging and fermentation process creates a smooth and rich taste of their soy sauce. For over 200 years, the company says it has always embraced nature’s power and intends to keep on doing so.

Here is how San J tamari is made;

  • Step 1: Soybeans are water-soaked and placed in large steam cookers for cooking. After it has been cooked the beans are made into nuggets then dusted lightly with aspergillus oryzae “seed koji.”
  • Step 2: These nuggets are placed in incubation chambers where humidity and temperature are controlled. After spending two days in this chamber, fuzzy yellow pale mold are formed
  • Step 3: They go ahead to ferment the matured koji with water and salt becoming more moromi is carefully monitored as it ages over a period of four to six months
  • Step 4: After this, they wrap the moromi in between press cloth layers and stack it up in a cage. It is then pressed to give raw tamari. This raw tamari will then be filtered and pasteurized to give a finished product.
  • Step 5: The sauce can now be bottled up and sold

Is it tasty?

San J Tamari was made with no wheat and a hundred percent soybeans. It has a smoother and noticeably richer taste than your regular soy sauce because of its high soy protein concentration. It does not have any added additives and preservatives. It has also been certified kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

Why this version is better than competitors

Regular soy sauce is brewed from half wheat and half soybeans. It is balanced but with a taste than tamari because of the raw material differences and stronger fermentation. There are also now brewed competitors. Their sauce is processed by chemical means from hydrolyzed protein vegetables. This soy sauce type requires few days of preparation and comes out with a strong, salty, and unbalanced aftertaste, unlike regular soy sauce and tamari.

What are the benefits?

Here are some reasons why you may want to consider taking San J tamari;

San J tamari preserves its full flavor even after it has been cooked. The fact that it does not lose its flavor to high temperatures makes it exceptional. Since regular soy sauce is derived from half wheat, it has a more aromatic flavor particularly in the form of esters and alcohols. And they easily go away at high temperatures.

San J tastes smoother and less bitter. It has a richer mild taste than your normal soy sauces. This soy sauce has versatile uses beyond just stir-frying. It is also great for enhancing flavor and substitute’s salt, table condiment, and marinade perfectly. You can use it in almost any recipe and trust that it will bring out your meal’s best flavor.

Looking from the nutrition angle, tamari has about thirty-seven percent more soy protein than the normal soy sauce. The process of fermentation causes the breakdown of soy protein into amino complex acids and this is responsible for the hundred varying flavor components of tamari. Explains why it enhances the flavor so well and also causes a rich and complex taste.

Also, tamari does not contain wheat making it a healthier alternative to regular soy sauce. It is made with fermented soybeans and soy sauce from Japan. This means people with gluten sensitivity can use it without worries. The fact that it is an organic brand with no preservatives made it a better choice too.

There are different ways to enjoy your tamari sauce; you may add it to your bitter greens and salad or in rice dishes. One comfort food you need to try is tamari and brown rice, sprinkle some protein or veggies like you would in Kimchi fried rice. Also include tamari to roasted meat, fish, or veggies before they go into the oven. We could go on and on highlighting the many ways tamari can be used. This is definitely one versatile ingredient you want to have in your kitchen cabinet.

What is the price? How does it compare to competitor products?

San J Tamari is sold a little bit more pricey than other brands but when you consider its uniqueness and rich heritage then you know it is worth it.

Company Information

  • Phone number: 804.226.8333 |800.446.5500 (Toll-Free) | 804.226.8383 | Fax (8 am-4 pm M-F EST)
  • Address: San-J International, Inc. 2880 Sprouse DriveHenrico, Virginia 23231
  • Website:

Customer Reviews

Positive reviews

  • The flavor is less salty, richer, and deeper than regular soy sauce
  • Yummy! Highly recommended
  • Gluten-free

Negative reviews

  • Bottle arrived leaking
  • Too expensive
  • Didn’t like the taste

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