PQQ Supplement: Benefits Plus Food Sources & Side Effects

PQQ supplement is popular as a form of enhancer for the mitochondria. It is a redox cofactor, which can be found in food items such as natto, fermented soy products, and herbs.

PQQ PQQ supplements

PQQ is one of the most popular forms of supplement in terms of functional health as a form of enhancer for the mitochondria. However, the said supplement is also relatively new and limited data is available on how it can affect people in the long run. What we do know about PQQ is that it is a redox cofactor, a term that can be technical and complicated to those who are uninitiated. Redox is a shortened version of the terms reduction-oxidation. These reactions that balance involves reducing a single or multiple molecules and the other’s oxidation. 

More importantly, the said reactions will also include having the electrons swapped between molecules which is an indicator that some energy has been transferred. The said reactions are critical to sustaining life and other biological processes. This can be likened to photosynthesis which leads to the conversion of carbon dioxide into sugars and can be seen as the literal transfer of the energy of the sun to the plants. On the other hand, the transfer of the energy from these plants into our system (energy transfer from the plant to human beings). All of these are driven by specific enzymes.

The function of the enzymes can be sped up or can lead to the facilitation of reactions that are natural and will often need a cofactor to work. Cofactors are small molecules, often made up of ions of metal but it can also be made up of structures that more complex which can lead to the interaction of enzymes for optimal function. Previously, it was believed that there were only two cofactors for redox- nicotinamide, and flavin (from vitamin B or riboflavin) which are both utilized for the generation of energy by the mitochondria.

PQQ is considered redox cofactor number 3 which can be found in food items such as natto, a form of soy product that is fermented, parsley, or other similar herbs, green peppers, green tea, and kiwi fruit. It is still uncertain if PQQ can be synthesized by the human body by itself. Some experts believe that we can source PQQ exclusively from the food we eat, while others asserting that it can be due to the production of bacteria found in the gut, with others still stating that we can produce PQQ at reduced levels.

What are the Health Benefits of PQQ?

Below are some of the possible health benefits of PQQ:

1. PQQ can help reduce LDL-C and enhance cardiovascular health

Studies show that BioPQ or PQQ disodium salt in the amount of 20/mg daily (a big dose can lead to the reduction of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol in the blood and can also help in cognitive function improvement. it has been noted that increased TMAO is associated with cardiovascular disease. Supplementing with PQQ can lead to the lowering of markers for inflammation such as TMAO. As a redox cofactor and our knowledge that activities requiring the use of the brain will need intensive fuel or power sources, one can claim that PQQ can all aid the body in a lot of crucial processes through the stimulation of the action of the mitochondria.

2. PQQ can help individuals improve their focus

People reported increased interest in the activities that they are doing, a focus that is stronger, and a focus that is much more sustained. It is characterized as having a sledgehammer focus where people can put their entire focus on the activity at hand and follow through with the needed tasks until it is completed or finished. This is important for people who need or want to multi-task.

3. A mood that is improved

PQQ is also able to have mood improved. While it can be subtle, the upswing in the mood after taking PQQ is still noticeable especially when taken for the first time. For those willing to experiment with the supplement particularly when ubiquinol is taken along with a blend of PQQ, the boost in the mood is even more noticeable and can last until the following day.

4. More sustained energy

During the days that individuals took PQQ, it was noted that people observed an upswing in the levels of energy and an energy that is sustained and potent enough that it is noticeable.

5. Benefits for Excercise

When combining PQQ supplements and exercising, it can be exciting to note or observe that there is a significant boost in energy that can aid in better and sustained workouts. There are certain days though when the energy boost given by the said supplement can be a little too much that one can no longer feel like the effort is still coming solely from them. PQQ supplements can give individuals too much energy for the day resulting in the sensation of feeling almost too energized.

6. Ubiquinol and PQQ

Taking ubiquinol can help enhance the effects of PQQ. However, it must be noted that people should have the intake of both these supplements cycled as the longer it is taken, the less the returns can be observed. As such, taking both these supplements at a later period can lead to an effect that is not that strong or potent.

The Possible Side Effects of PQQ

As stated earlier, PQQ can make people feel fantastic, but after the next dose taken in the afternoon, there may be a lull or crash in the energy levels. As such, the earlier recommendation that the supplement is cycled to retain its potency. Cycling the supplement means that it should not be taken daily.

Individuals may also check out some forums online, and other customer reviews point out that PQQ taken long term can have an efficacy that is decreased. Others also reported experiencing pain in the chest after a dose of PQQ. This is the reason why people must talk to their doctor before starting a supplement regimen.

PQQ Supplement Health Benefits

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