Organifi Red Juice

You can see Organifi red Juice as your perfect chance to let loose the locked up energetic, youthful, perfect weight person inside you. It’s like a clear and easy path to happiness and better health. The superior nutrition it delivers is top-notch.

organifi red juice

Someone might have told you before that if you desire to increase oxygen supply in your body, you should eat beetroot. But then, what you need is not the whole beetroot. The vital component that you need is what you find in Organifi Red Juice.

Amazingly, increased oxygen supply is not the only benefit of this health-boosting juice. It has many other powerful health benefits. And to cap it all up, it is very easy to use.

This red juice contains powerful ingredients that have amazing health properties by themselves. You can expect an overall improvement in your health when you use this supplement.

You can see this product as your perfect chance to let loose the locked up energetic, youthful, perfect weight person inside you. It’s like a clear and easy path to happiness and better health. The superior nutrition it delivers is top-notch.

You know, years of not watching your food and drinks can leave your health in a bad shape. But this Red Juice can be the game-changer that you need. And it can never be too late to pursue the change.

About Organifi: The Brand, The Company, and The Product 

The company was founded by Drew Canole, a leading light when it comes to nutrition, mindset, and fitness. Organifi is one of the two companies he founded to help pass his passion in the areas of health, wellbeing, and fitness.

His story is quite familiar. He was working in the finance industry, where he earned a 6-figure salary. However, he had serious health challenges. After one very stressful afternoon in his office, someone offered him green juice.

The juice was so helpful that he began to build an entire community to share his personal experience. Juicing was the path that took him back to wellbeing and health. After that, he started developing products which he sold to the community.

That was how Organifi was born. The company sells supplements, fitness accessories, and of course juice powders. Aside from selling and making profits, the company is also involved in charity.

Organifi gives a percentage of every sale to the charity, Vitamin Angels. This charity gives better nutrition to children that are not well-nourished worldwide.

Is It Tasty?

Organifi Red Juice has loads of strength-boosting superfood power that provide natural long-lasting energy. This sweet punch contains five unique berries and four exotic adaptogens, as well as a blend of organic antioxidants.

With only 1g sugar in each serving, the juice would be ‘tart-sweet’. The overriding taste of the juice is the taste of sweet berry. As such, it’s quite a pleasant taste.


The key ingredients in this product are as follows:

  • 2100mcg blend of antioxidant berry
  • 3050mcg of endurance blend
  • 1300mcg of metabolic booster blend

Aside from these, the product also contains some powerful antioxidants, as well as nutrient-dense ingredients. All of these supply real-time positive benefits.

Check out the profile of its organic ingredients and the value they add to the product below:

  1. Beetroot: This ingredient contains lots of magnesium, nitric oxide, and folate. So it can help increase the oxygen level in your blood by 16 percent.
  2. Cordyceps: This ingredient helps burn fat, as well as speeds up metabolism.
  3. Strawberry: This is sweet but has low sugar content. It is a good source of phenol antioxidants, flavonoids, collagen, and phenolic phytonutrients.
  4. Cranberry: This ingredient reduces oxidative stress and provides support to the urinary tract. It also improved dental hygiene and gum health.
  5. Blueberry: This contains lots of phosphates, magnesium, and iron. These unique minerals are good for boosting metabolism.
  6. Raspberry: This contains minerals that can help strengthen your skin. They include vitamin C, copper, iron, manganese, and folic acid.
  7. Pomegranate: This is a good source of powerful antioxidants. It also improves your heart health.
  8. Acai: This ingredient reduces stress on muscles and helps improve effort tolerance. What’s more, it has 10 times the antioxidants level in most other fruits.
  9. Rhodiola: This is good for increasing resting metabolism
  10. Siberian Ginseng: This will help lower your blood glucose and boost energy.
  11. Reishi Mushroom: This contains polysaccharides, which are good for detoxification and liver health.

Why Organifi Red Juice Is Better Than Competitors

The unique blend of ingredients in this product makes it very unique among competitors. Plus it is USDA certified organic. 

What Are The Benefits Organifi Red Juice?

This juice will ignite your metabolism and give you a boost with natural energy generation. It features a whopping eleven revitalizing ingredients, as listed above.

It is packed with active ingredients that can help boost metabolism, improve energy, and slow aging. Asides from these; it is also a good product for improving liver function.

Here are some of its amazing benefits:

  1. It slows down natural aging with its powerful antioxidant ingredients. It could also reverse some aging signs.
  2. This juice can help boost your metabolism and improve energy levels. It would also help to burn off extra fat.
  3. The juice improves memory by fighting lethargy caused by free radicals. It, therefore, improves the retention of memory and helps to clear up thinking.
  4. You wouldn’t have to shop for the different organic ingredients by yourself. You also need nit stress over blending and juicing. It’s all done for you. You just need to get the Organifi Red Juice product.
  5. It’s a clean product with no soy, gluten, and dairy. It is also vegan and certified organic by the USDA.

What Is The Price? 

A 270g container of Organifi Red Juice, containing 30 servings, cost 73.15USD on Amazon. That’s less than 2.5USd per serving. It’s quite expensive but it’s still a fairer deal than your get with many other products

Company Information

  • Company Address: Organifi Headquarters, 7535 Metropolitan Dr., San Diego, CA 92108, USA
  • Phone Number: 1-760-487-8587
  • Website:

The company offers a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

I was amazed at how great I felt 

I don’t usually write reviews this fast if at all, but I was really impressed here! I received it last night aND tried it for the first time this morning. I was amazed at how great I felt. Didn’t drink my coffee and didn’t really miss it either. I felt very energized and alive. I also noticed I was much less hungry throughout the day an def did not crave junk like I always do. Can’t wait to see the results! Thank you! Will update soon!

Amazon Customer
Yummy and convenient!

My husband and I love it! But I’m more inclined towards the Green Juice while he loves the Red! He drinks it mid-morning at work and notices a difference in his energy. We also feel better that he is getting real nutrients on the go, rather than a quick unhealthy snack from the vending machine. Expensive, but we will make it fit in our budget!

Karina Viq
This product is amazing..

This product is amazing….. I have my one glass every day and I even using it with my sparkling water. I feel more energy after I use it and will continue to use it.

Wanda K Bacon
shaken not stirred

Pros: energy energy energy… not the jittery kind either. But shaken not stirred makes for better consumption.

marian buis
Delicious taste

I love the taste- it’s mild and not overpowering. I drink my red juice everyday and I have noticed I have more energy. Also, my skin looks better for some reason. Good stuff. It’s a bit pricey, but I will most likely continue using it.

5 negative reviews

tim k
it looks like someone had already taken and used some

These already small containers were missing half the powder, it looks like someone had already taken and used some!!

Janice Opalec
Broken seal and Leakage

I just received it today. As you can see from the pictures, the plastic seal is still on but there’s leakage. I never had this problem before. I just read this item is not refundable or cannot be replaced. Organifi pls replaced this. I received it with broken seal which is unsafe and plus it’s expensive to replace or too expensive to be not refundable.

Sharon R.
Not eligible for return???

I didn’t particularly like it and it’s pretty expensive. Says 100% satisfaction guarantee but not eligible for return. What about refund?

M. Brown
Poor Sealing by Manufacturer

Package arrived leaking under the lid. I did not break the plastic to open the tub and see if there is a main seal on the product. I am not going to pay this much for a product and it is not sealed properly for safety and to survive shipping without leaking. It’s too bad because I was really looking forward to trying this. I would not buy it again until I knew for sure the tub is sealed underneath the lid to keep the product in.

Austin K

So I just ordered 2 products. The Green Juice and the Red Juice. The Green juice came with a plastic seal around the lid, and under the lid was another seal that said “sealed for your protection”. The Red Juice – had neither of those. . . Just wanting to know why you’d sell a product without any safety/tamper evident packaging and another product with it???

Where to buy

You can get Organifi Red Juice from health food stores nationwide. They are also available in online stores.

Product link –

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