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ONNIT MCT Oil, it is certified 100 percent pure MCT oil which has been harvested from premium coconuts. It does not contain flavoring, additives, and fillers.

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Anyone on a ketogenic or low-carb diet consumes more fat than carbohydrates. This leads to the process of ketosis, where the body burns fat for fuel. For individuals on a keto diet, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is gold since this type of fat turns quickly into ketones, which provides energy for the body. However, not all MCT oils in the market are made from the highest quality, but this is where ONNIT’s MCT Oil is a cut above the rest.

Unlike other brands that utilize palm oil, ONNIT’s MCT oil is made from 100 percent pure coconut oil, which contains approximately 9 percent capric acid and 6 percent caprylic acid. These two MCT forms convert into energy faster compared to the other varieties of saturated fat. Furthermore, here are the supplement facts.

  • Calories 125
  • Total Fat 14 grams
  • MCTs 12.7 grams

Is it Safe to Use?

Products by ONNIT are manufactured in a laboratory that has been certified by the FDA. Moreover, all their products contain no ingredients which have been included in the list of banned substances. The company follows strict GMP procedures as well.

As for the MCT Oil, it is certified 100 percent pure MCT oil which has been harvested from premium coconuts. It does not contain flavoring, additives, and fillers. Rest assured that you are using products made with the highest standards and quality.


At least one tablespoon, approximately 15 mL, taken four times a day is the recommended amount. Since it is odorless and tasteless, it can easily be mixed into salad dressings, protein shakes, smoothies, and unheated sauces. It is also a great addition to your daily cup of Joe, but it is not advisable for use with foam-based material or Styrofoam. Each bottle offers at least 47 servings.

Side Effects

The supplement is deemed safe for consumption, but some users claim that initial use may cause diarrhea. Other side effects noted include increased heart rate, fatigue, and light-headedness. These symptoms usually subside after a week’s use. However, if the symptoms extend for more than a week, then it is advised to discontinue use and get checked by a healthcare provider.

Furthermore, the supplement is not advised for use by pregnant and breastfeeding women, individuals with a diagnosed medical condition, and children under the age of 18. Before taking dietary supplements, it is recommended that you first speak to your primary caregiver.


ONNIT’s MCT oil claims to be the perfect oil as it has been harvested from 100 percent pure coconuts, whereas other brands harvest MCTs from palm oil. By using coconut oil, ONNIT’s formulation delivers 30 percent lauric acid, which is a form of MCT that burns slower than other MCTs. Thus, it gives you more energy for longer and an optimized digestion. Its other benefits include the following.

  • Odorless and Flavorless
  • Great for Athletes
  • Contains Zero Palm Oil
  • Supports Mental Clarity and Focus


A 24-ounce bottle is priced at $24.95 on Amazon. Enjoy more savings if you purchase the same sized bottle on ONNIT’s official site. Each 24-ounce container costs $21.21, but you can save 15 percent if you subscribe for delivery every one and a half month. Other websites offer the product for $30 and over.

Company Information

In case you need more information about the company’s MCT oil or other products, do not hesitate to contact ONNIT. The details are provided as follows.

Address 4401 Freidrich Lane, Suite 302 Austin, Texas 78744
Phone Number +1 (855) ONNIT-99
Website https://www.onnit.com/

In case you don’t feel satisfied with the product, you can ask for a refund. Product returns are unnecessary. Take note, however, that the Keep-ItTM guarantee is valid only for first-time purchases and is redeemable within 90 days after the date of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Users are raving about this brand of MCT Oil. Read more of the positive comments left on ONNIT’s site about its MCT Oil.

“I tried several brands of MCT Oils before I went online searching for independent reviews. I’m so glad I read the published reviews, which led me to this product. I have more energy, stay full longer, have less stomach upset, and actually lose some weight with this particular oil. I won’t be trying or buying any other brand. This is my GO TO.”

“I recently bought the Vanilla MCT oil to give it a try after hearing good things about it in a section of the “Own Your Day. Own Your Life” book and the MCT oil has forever changed my morning routine. I have noticed a clearer or cleaner effect on my energy versus the Butter in coffee approach. Thanks ONNIT for introducing this Awesomeness to my life.”

“This product went beyond my expectations. It was SO good that I told my co-worker it. I’m seeing results that are complimenting with my keto diet. I’ve been using it in my hot green tea and iced coffee drinks which is ideal because it is odorless and tasteless that it doesn’t affect the taste of my drinks. Thank you Onnit for making an ideal product.”

“I started using MCT oil about 3 weeks ago to lose weight. I’ve lost 2.5 lbs. which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it wasn’t budging before. ADDED BONUS!!! My skin looks REMARKABLE! I was trying to eat only healthy fats, turns out I wasn’t eating enough healthy fats. Now the weight is coming off, the skin looks great…what more can I say :)”

“This is a great product. I have added it to my morning cocktail (water, Himalayan sea salt, lemon juice, and MCT oil). Great start to my day. Had a small issue last order, bottle opened / cracked. No worries, Onnit was on it. New bottle on the way the next day. Not only a great product but great customer service. Thanks Onnit.”

Where to Buy

You can get your bottle of ONNIT MCT Oil from either Amazon or ONNIT’s official website. Click on any of the links provided below.

Amazon: ONNIT MCT Oil


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