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Get the power and energy boost that you have always wanted with this amazing product from Naked Nutrition.

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If you want a product that can give you the best benefits of creatine, you might want to check out Naked Pure Creatine.  Allergen and GMO-free, you get to enjoy a creatine supplement while staying safe from possible adverse reactions. Get the power and energy boost that you have always wanted with this amazing product from Naked Nutrition.

Is it safe to use?

On the manufacturing side, you can be assured of its quality because it is produced in a facility that follows standardized processes to ensure quality and safety.  Naked Pure Creatine is also certified Vegan-friendly so that is yet another plus point for this product. Its main ingredient is pure creatine monohydrate and nothing else.  It does not have calories, GMO, allergens such as soy, gluten, and dairy, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.


Add one scoop to 14 to 16 oz of water or any beverage of choice.  Drink it before, during, or after working out. For maintenance, you can take one in the morning in conjunction with a healthy meal.

Side Effects

For the most part, Naked Pure Creatine, just like any creatine supplement, is safe to use for as long as you stick with the recommended dosage.  However, creatine-induced side effects have been reported in rare occasions. These include nausea, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, stomach upset, irregular heartbeat, weight gain, and muscle cramps.  If you feel any of these symptoms after taking the product, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician.

Use of creatine supplements is discouraged given the following conditions:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Kidney concerns
  • History of heart ailments
  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy or Breastfeeding
  • Parkinson’s Disease

The best thing is to get your doctor’s go signal to include creatine in your regular diet given your current health considerations.


Naked Pure Creatine offers a variety of benefits.  These are what you can enjoy when you opt to use this product as your creatine companion:

  • Enhances power and boosts energy
  • Increases strength and stamina
  • Hastens post-workout recovery
  • Promotes lean muscle growth
  • The main ingredient is pure creatine monohydrate and nothing else
  • Allergen-free and GMO-free
  • Zero calories
  • No artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors
  • 5 grams of high-quality, pharma-grade, micronized Monohydrate Creatine per serving which means quick absorption by muscle cells
  • Dissolves easily with any beverage


Naked Pure Creatine is definitely on the expensive side as compared to similar products available in the market today.  However, it is currently on sale at Amazon. From the regular price of $29.99, it is now being sold at $19.99. You also get more discounts if you are a repeat customer.  These deals are limited so it is best to take advantage of the discounted price while it lasts.

Company Information

Address your queries about Naked Pure Creatine to the following contact details:

Naked Nutrition
PO Box 348634
Coral Gables, FL 33234
[email protected]

Customer Reviews

Here are positive reviews about Naked Pure Creatine by verified customers at Amazon:

  • “I don’t write many reviews but this product has worked so well for me I felt it deserved it. I have used creatine in the past as part of my workout and supplementation plan and it worked well for me . After 3 years of slacking off physically and gaining weight due to injury and other issues I decided it was time to get back in shape and started working out and using supplements again mainly whey protein and creatine. The problem was every time i took creatine i was having stomach issues. from nausea to upset stomach to cramps. I tried at least 5 or 6 different brands and the results were the same. This was disappointing because I had success with it in the past but I was about ready to drop creatine from my get back in shape plans. I had ran across Naked Nutrition whey protein and saw they also had a creatine supplement so decided to give it one last try and I’m glad I did. Naked creatine is by far the best creatine supplement I have used. No stomach upset, mixes with anything, no gritty aftertaste and results like i was getting 10 years ago.I have even taken Naked Creatine in the morning on an empty stomach with no adverse effects. If you are like me and have experienced stomach issues with creatine then give this a try before you give up on using it. Creatine works and Naked Creatine has worked for me without the negative side effects. Only brand I will use!” – Np
  • “Started using this brand about three months ago and I got hooked. Tried their creatine and noticed a change within about two weeks, especially in my arms. I run, spin, & do Pilates. I image if I did some lifting I’d notice a bigger difference. I’m really happy with the whole Naked brand. This creatine is top notch and relatively inexpensive for the amount you get.” – Monica Galan
  • “The product mixes very well and doesn’t sit or settle on the bottom. This means it digest well into your system. Less harsh on your liver and kidneys. I like the fact that it is HMO free doesn’t cause bloating which I find creatine do to me. I got to the point I started to use less creatine or not at all from time to time because it leaves a dry mouth or break out until I found this product.” – James Nguyen
  • “Does creatine mix is perfectly in just about anything. I put it in my protein shake and don’t even notice it in there. The price is great and you get tons of servings. No water bloat.” – Jason
  • “I’ve used micronized creatine before. Just started again after going without any supplements for several years. The benefits of this product were immediately apparent in my lifting and mass gains. I wouldn’t say it’s better than other micronized creatine products on the market, but this was the cheapest I found and it’s definitely just as good as anything else being sold for a greater price. Would buy again.” – Ryan

Naked Pure Creatine also received its fair share of criticisms.  Here are some of them:

  • “Doesn’t mix well with water and doesn’t have the greatest taste (if used without flavoring). I’m also not sure if it actually did anything.” – Amelia Jones
  • “No noticeable difference.”  – Btrail
  • “As recommended by many experts, the body’s necessary dosage of creatine as a supplement is 5g a day for maintenance of an adequate level. Unfortunately this product was made with an obviously inaccurate scoop which measures far less than what the label on the side claims. This means that every time you use one of the scoops by NAKED Nutrition, you are getting an dosage which is far from ideal. This false marketing was alluded to in a previous review however I did not heed the warning. Rather than the 5 grams they claim, the scoop measures 5cc which when filled with the higher density of water measures 5 grams.” – Randall
  • “I really do not like the taste of this one. It says no taste but it does have one.” – Ana
  • “It tastes terrible!” – Andre

Where to buy

You can buy Naked Pure Creatine in leading fitness stores.  Online, you can get it via Amazon. Here is the link to do just that:

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