MuscleTech Pro Series AlphaTest Testosterone Booster

A testosterone booster formulated for men to stimulate free testosterone level, to perpetuate peak- testosterone as well as to increase the level of ATP for enhanced strength.

bottle of muscletech testosterone booster

MuscleTech Pro Series AlphaTest Testosterone Booster is a testosterone booster formulated for men to stimulate free testosterone level, to perpetuate peak- testosterone as well as to increase the level of ATP for enhanced strength. Also, it builds muscles as well as to shred fat, increasing testosterone while in the moderate range.


MuscleTech Pro Series AlphaTest Testosterone Booster contains extraordinary ingredients mixed to formulate the most potent supplement to support men with high testosterone levels. Such, ingredients are Brassica oleracea (broccoli) a research worthy nitrogen-containing compound, and it is one of the numerous organic molecules in cruciferous vegetables being tested by scientists because of its multiplex interactions in the body with overdue target proteins.

Another one is Fenugreek which is a leguminous herb that has many traditional uses in medicine, and MuscleTech uses it up to 50% saponin compared to other brands to provide you potent effect. Also, Alpha Test contains a highly absorbable form of zinc that increases optimal testosterone levels for strength and endurance.

Then there is Tribulus that produces tribulus Terrestris that contains a 90% concentration of standardized saponins that is recommended for fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes alike for strength enhancement. And lastly, Alpha Test contains Boron Citrate that increases testosterone level for men and beneficial for better sexual health.


Taking in MuscleTech Pro Series AlphaTest Testosterone Booster have a specific direction to follow for better effect and to avoid side effects on the body.  Take 2 capsules with a glass of water two times daily. Do not exceed 4 capsules in a 24-hour period. Read the entire label before use and follow directions provided.

Beneficial Effects

Using the MuscleTech Pro Series AlphaTest Testosterone Booster has many beneficial effects on the body. Such traits that benefit the human body are increased testosterone level that is provided by Boron Citrate and Tribulus, as well as Zinc that will stimulate sexual and reproductive health, and also increases testosterone levels for men.


MuscleTech Pro Series AlphaTest Testosterone Booster cost $16.20 which is a lot cheaper than other competitors such as Viritenz that cost up to $79.98, however, Viritenz offer better effects and more potent formula than that of Alpha Test Testosterone Booster

MuscleTech is a brand of dietary supplements, marketed by Iovate Health Sciences Inc. For More inquiries and information they can be contacted through their e-mail [email protected] or you can visit them at 3880 Jeffrey Blvd. Blasdell, NY14219, or visit their website at

Customer Reviews

Positive reviews

Jon McDonald
Energize Your Life!

This is an awesome product. Being 45 yrs old, my energy level is always low and I’ve had the hardest time losing weight. Not with this product! I now have energy to make it through the day. I lost about 10lbs in a few weeks and my sex drive has sky rocketed. As always my friends, check with your doctor before taking this or any supplement. I care about my family. Take care.

great product

I just needed a boost in my workout regiment. This is exactly what I needed. To put it simply, when I lift I feel like I can lift a little heavier and a little longer. It’s definitely not a miracle pill and it’s taken a while to start feeling like it’s working. But I have noticed a shift in my overall workout intensity. No side effects.


James G.

Great Product

I got this looking for a boost in my sex drive and this delivered. Being 48 this seemed to help quite a bit. It also helped boost output in the gym as well. I am also noticing a slight change in my waistline. A great product at a great price as well. I will continue to use this quality product.

You will see a difference if you put in work with this product

Actually I feel pretty strongly about this product. I’ve worked out for a good 5 years and I really think that the improvement I’ve seen in the past 2 months can be mainly attributed to this product and taking BCAA’s regularly. Lots of muscle mass as well as being more sculpted and toned look. Just eat right, EXERCISE, and take as directed. Ya still have to put in work. There is no magic pill, but this will accelerate your progress.

Alex DelVecchio
Jacked LaLanne

I got this with the expectation that it would help me with my workouts, but I noticed a surprise additional benefit of it increasing my libido. Taking two or four of these each day will get you fired up and feeling like more of a macho man than Randy Savage or the guy from the Village People song. It has worked for me and the price is right, so it’s probably worth giving it a shot yourself.

Negative reviews

Cons- Side effects of acne & no noteworthy increases

I made it 5 weeks into my planned cycle with this as part of my stack (alphatest, peakATP, and clearmuscle all by muscletech; the clear muscle is top notch and the only supplement I will continue taking) aplhatest produced no increase in strength, gains, libido, energy, or anything notable… other than severe body acne breakouts starting around week 3 of regular dosing. I guess that it stands to reason that this product is now on walmarts shelves for $9, and $19 here. My diet is clean with an avg of 235g of protein per day, and my workouts intense at 4xweek. Would not recommend. Stick with creatine protein and bcaa with a good diet and routine for the slow and steady test boost.

It’s A NO!!!

I’m a big fan and user of muscle tech products . I’m sad to say this is a NO . I did a two month cycle didn’t feel a difference or didn’t help boost my testosterone. Also it gave me horrible heart burn and acid reflux. I don’t know which ingredient gives it a spicy taste and makes you belch (burp) like crazy.

I didn’t notice a thing.

Took the whole bottle as instructed and never felt a difference. I’m a 38 year old male. I’ve taken other similar supplements and have experienced noticeable effects, nothing dramatic mind you but enough where I didn’t feel like I wasted my money.

Tried for a few months…not sold on it.

I thought I would give it a try, for improving my overall workouts. But, it doesn’t work as well as other products that I have previously used. Going back to those.

No real difference

Used a bottle of this and didn’t really notice anything. Probably won’t buy again.

Where to buy

To buy the product for your consumption visit the webpage:

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