Kodiak Cakes Frontier Pancake

Having Kodiak cakes frontier pancakes for breakfast is a great start for the day. You can have it with coffee, tea, or any drink of your choice. This article talks more about this pancake, the brand behind it, and its benefit. Have a wonderful read!

Kodiak cakes

Pancakes are almost always right, whether you make them from scratch or with the mix. There are several different mixes you can buy. An example is the Kodiak cakes frontier pancake, which we will be discussing in this article. 

Kodiak cake brand is known for its premium morning foods that set the tone of your day with protein and its quality ingredients. The pancake mix is purely whole grain that has an amazing taste. There is no added sugar, cholesterol, fat, and all its ingredients, which are non-GMO. Pancake mix saves you time and also offers you several different flavors from which you can make a pick. Also, this mix does contain a good amount of nutrition. Kodiak cakes has 1g of protein and 5g of fiber. It is non-GMO and a hundred percent whole grain. The only thing that needs to be added to this mix is your water. 

About The Brand

The story of Kodiak cakes started in 1982 when the founder Penny Clark filled a wagon with paper bags containing her father’s flapjack mix and instructions posted in the paper bag. She sent her eight-year-old son into their community with the wagon, and by the time he returned, the wagon was empty, and they had lifelong plans. This brand has grown ever since then but remained a family-owned business. According to them, they make their new products like they are preparing a family recipe to share within their neighborhood.

The Kodiak team likes and works in the Wasatch mountain range, which is surrounded by open wide spaces and the frontier. The team spends most of its kind protecting and exploring their homes. They appreciate the outdoor spaces and love to safeguard it as much as they can.


Their waffle and pancake mix is made with 100% whole grain and other non-GMO ingredients. You can increase its 14gm of protein to 18gm by including milk or 21g by using both egg and milk. Buttermilk flavor features the awesome combination of mellow oats flours and hearty wheat with the touch of creamy buttermilk. You can use this mix to replace white flour or in several other recipes.

Here are a few recipes from the brand’s page that you might want to try out:

  • Pancake pigs in a blanket: It takes only thirty-five minutes to prepare this recipe. It is a tasty and quick breakfast choice. It involves pouring maple syrup over savory sausage and baking for twenty minutes at 400 F. to make the batter, just add some water into the buttermilk mix. Make your small pancake using a ladle or spoon. Add your piglet inside the pancake. Serve with maple syrup for dipping.
  • Chili cornmeal pancakes: Whether dinner or breakfast, this cornmeal recipe is a great option. You will only spend about thirty-five minutes making it, and it provides good protein.
  • Waffle and chicken sliders: Here is the classic perfect southern breakfast recreation using Kodiak’s buttermilk mix. There are two recipes that you can use to get a Southern flair to this meal. Maple syrup is also a good choice for dipping.

Why Kodiak Cakes is better than competitors

Kodak cakes is better than some of its competitors because it is whole wheat and also non-GMO. Asides from this, there is nothing much to it again. But it is certainly a good addition to your diet. 


What do you get from using Kodiak cakes?

As much as Kodiak cakes is good, it is not that special. They are merely whole grain with 14gms of protein per serving. Proteins are important nutrients that are referred to as life’s building block. It is good to eat protein with each meal, to help your body needs and feel satiated.

There are different whole food sources of protein, like yogurt, nuts, chicken, and eggs. Some people use powders or supplements, but most protein powders taste dry or gritty when placed in drinks and foods. The advantage power cake has here is that it already integrates whey protein in its pancake mix. With it, all you are required to add is water and then fry your pancake.

Young ones enjoy Kodiak cake because it tastes good, healthy, and very convenient. These cakes are very popular, but adding them to your food does not make it more healthy automatically because every person’s protein needs differ based on different factors such as the person’s age, activity level, and gender. Meeting your protein requirement would mean eating varieties. Protein supplements should come as the second option. People who take protein powder supplements may do so because they are not able to meet-up their protein needs from their diet or athletes who need the muscle benefits it brings. 

The recommended amount for protein intake is 25grams in each meal, but this is not a final say as it varies depending on the person. So even with these 25gms, we see that Kodiak cake does not supply all.

People who engage in regular exercising maybe as an endurance activity or gaining muscle typically need more protein than sedentary people. While carbs are the mains energy source of the body, protein aids muscle repair after exercise. That means if you exercise frequently, you need to boost your body’s protein supply.

In comparison to some other foods, the level of protein in pancakes is not sufficient, so you might want to add an extra protein like using egg or milk. But remember that protein is only one of the important nutrients. Fiber is another nutrient you need, and they can be gotten from fruits, whole wheat pancake mix like Kodiak, and also bananas.

However, always remember that there are health consequences of overeating so the key is eating in moderation. 

Company Information

Company Address, Website And Contact information

Warranty/Guarantee Information

While Kodiak cake believes their product is top quality they are willing to offer a refund to you if you had a missing/incomplete order, or it arrived expired. ​

Contact their online store for approval, and a refund will either be issued or the product replaced, or you will be given a store credit that is redeemable within fourteen days of purchase. 

Note that they do process refunds for purchase from retail partners. And the exchange or refund is only accessible for products less than fourteen days of purchase. 

Customer Reviews

5 positive reviews

I am in charge of what we call a big breakfast when our group goes camping. Since I started using Kodiak original recipe, mix I can’t go back, EVER unless I want to get strung up. Just kidding of course, but seriously I hope they will continue to produce this original version. I have tried many mixes including making pancakes from scratch and this is by far everyone’s favorite.

An easy option for Sunday breakfast with kids. My kids have the job of combining the mix with water and flipping the pancakes. Pouring the batter is still my job. I find that my kids like sweeter pancakes than what the mix delivers so I add a little coconut sugar to the mix. Other than that, pancakes taste great and disappear pretty quickly.

This IS your grand dad’s flapjack! Different from the normal run of the mill pancake mix.

Makes great tasting flapjacks – just add equal amounts of mix and water then cook. Add some whole hog sausage and syrup and it’s breakfast heaven!

My first experience with “Kodiak” mixes was in a national park where the mixes were being sold in a tourist shop. I decided to purchase a box after reading the label and being impressed by the straight-forward ingredients (no added fat or artificial stuff; this is whole grain goodness at its best!). I am so pleased these mixes are available as a subscribe-and-save item. The mix turns out fluffy, hearty, and quite tasty pancakes. I even used the mix to make “drop” biscuits – worked well. I will buy it again!

Not sure what being a lover of pancakes labels one as, other than being a lover of pancakes. But considering the number of different pancake mixes I have tried, this one stands out as not only tasting fantastic but also be made with just the basic ingredients, which I appreciate greatly. I would suggest this mix to anyone!

5 negative reviews

I did not like the taste of whole wheat oat and honey pancake.. it tastes just like wheat flour. Never buying this again. I always like buttermilk and chia Kodiak pancakes. I wanted to try another flavor but whole wheat, honey, and oat flavor is yuck. Not for us, never suggest this flavor to anyone else. Too much Disappointed from Kodiak for this flavor. I will stick to my old flavor – buttermilk and chia itself.

I guess we are spoiled from buying a pancake mix from the Vermont country store. These are wimpy pancakes that fall apart. Now I have 5 more boxes. hate to throw things away, so I will donate to the local food bank.

I don’t think these are as great as the reviews. I was disappointed. I followed the directions on the box and they did not turn out as well as the last mix I was using. Maybe reviewers are jazzing them up with other ingredients? My waffles are soggy and stick to my waffle iron. I have used other mixes so I know it’s not my iron. I was bummed because I was happy to find a mix with premium ingredients. I wish I had bought a smaller package!

I bought these expecting them to be a sure thing. So many 5 star reviews, and very little of anything else. So I receive these, prepare as instructed, and make a waffle. I bite in without syrup first… tasted like eating a sponge. No flavor; just tasteless. Dip in syrup and it tasted like I was just eating syrup with no waffle. So I figure the instructions are just giving the healthy way of making these, so I use some butter and egg-like my previous waffle mix used. Guess what it tasted like? Butter and eggs. This mix has no flavor. It just sorts of takes on the flavor of anything you put on/with it. If you like eating pure syrup and want flavorless bread to give you an excuse to do so this is your mix… For anyone who likes pancakes or waffles, this mix is terrible.

Yuck! They taste like you’re eating a piece of whole wheat bread with syrup on it.

Where to buy

Link to the product page: https://www.amazon.com/Kodiak-Cakes-Frontier-Flapjack-Original/dp/B003EJ9KLO

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