Holy Basil Review: Health Benefits And Nutrition

Holy basil is one common herb that people use. It comes with a lot of benefits that you wouldn’t want to miss. To help you out we will be doing a holy basil review. Here you will find out a lot about this plant.

Holy Basil Plant

If you’re quite familiar with some of the popular herbs on planet earth, then you most likely are not hearing this for the first time. Holy basil is one of the most popular herbs that people use. This plant is a total package. The different parts of this plant are used for different purposes, and they do a great job in the body. This plant has violet flowers, and the stems are green. Holy basil is used by many for different purposes. One of the most common uses of holy basil is for cooking. Well, let’s not dwell too much on this as we will be looking at some of the other uses and benefits of holy basil as we take a look at holy basil review. 

This plant gained the attention of many. And because of this so many studies and research has been carried out on this plant. Many have delved into the amazing effects of this plant on the human body. you will be surprised just how much this plant has to offer. Also, the nutrients that come with this plant is another thing to consider. You would be mistaken to think this is just an ordinary plant with little to no nutrients. We will take a look at some of the nutrients that come with this plant later on. So don’t stop reading if you want to find out a lot more. 

Health Benefits of Holy Basil 

Help reduce anxiety and stress

There are different parts of this plant that acts as an adaptogen. So what is an adaptogen? This is a substance that helps the body when it comes to adjusting to stress. At the same time, it provides a mental balance. There is also research that shows that this plant has so many pharmacologic effects, and these effects have something to do with dealing with anxiety and stress. One thing that has been found out is that this plant helps increase the endurance of a person. With that, you would be able to a whole of work, and the stress level would still below. 

Helps vitalize and stimulate the body

Another interesting thing about this plant is that it is rich in antioxidants. And this goes a long way in helping your body to detox. So with studies, we have found out that this plant is effective in protecting the body from any form of toxic chemicals. And with that, your body is protected from cancerous cells. The chances of cancer developing in the body greatly reduces. 

Help treat wounds and protects from infection

Some extracts are gotten from this plant. And the extracts are effective in healing wounds. It speeds up the recovery and healing of the wound. Also, it is known to have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects in the body. This helps reduce the risk of developing infections. It has even been found out that some people use this plant right after surgery to help speed up recovery and prevent infection at the surgical site. 

Helps lower blood glucose level

This is a good one if you have diabetes or prediabetes. There are certain parts of this plant that helps reduce the blood glucose level. Some studies show that it has been effective in both animals and humans. It would help deal with certain symptoms such as insulin resistance, weight gain, and hypertension. Just make sure that you have a chat with your doctor just before you opt for holy basil as a supplement. 

Helps lower the level of cholesterol

One thing that this plant does is that it helps target metabolic stress. There are were studies carried out on animals that showed that it is effective in reducing the levels of cholesterol in the body. It reduces the risk of having certain diseases. 

Helps ease joint pain and inflammation

With just a cup of tea made with holy basil leaves, you would be able to achieve a lot in the body. And one of those things is easing joint pain. As mentioned before, this plant has anti-inflammatory properties. With this, it helps reduce any form of pain in the joints and inflammation in any other part of the body. That’s why this is a good option for people with fibromyalgia or arthritis. 

Protects the stomach

This is also another amazing benefit of this plant. It is especially beneficial for people with a very sensitive stomach and people with ulcers. It helps reduce the acid in the stomach, increases the mucus cells in the stomach, and this helps protect the stomach. There are many drugs used for the peptic ulcer that is quite harmful to the stomach. That’s why some people say holy basil is a better alternative for people with peptic ulcer disease. 


As mentioned before, the nutritional value of this plant is quite high. You would be mistaken to think it has little to nothing to offer. It’s quite rich in calcium, iron, and zinc. Also, it’s rich in vitamin C, which is essential in the body. The nutrients mentioned above are major nutrients that are needed by the body. So taking holy basil as a supplement would be a bad idea. 


One thing you must always do whenever you want to start taking a supplement is to have a chat with your doctor. Your doctor would be in the best position to tell you how safe the supplement is. This also applies to herbs such as holy basil. The research on this plant isn’t that sufficient, so we can’t tell the safety profile on different age groups. But for now, there are no signs of side effects that come with this plant. 

The processing of this supplement is well-monitored by FDA. That gives us the idea that it’s most likely safe for consumption. But then again, this isn’t a 100% guarantee. So if you would be opting for it it would be at your own risk and decision. But given the holy basil review, we just looked at this is sure a good supplement that you can opt for. 

Holy basil review

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