Heavy Metal Cleanse Review And How To Do It Safely

Exposure to metals in the long-term can be toxic and result in harmful side effects. Learn how to do heavy metal cleanse safely in this article.

fresh coriander for heavy metal cleanse

Heavy Metal Poisoning: What is it?

Poisoning caused by heavy metals occurs when heavy metals accumulated in the human body. Factors that are both industrial and environmental, which can lead to exposure to heavy metals in increased amounts daily caused by different factors such as the air that people breathe and the food items consumed. Metals such as iron, copper, and zinc can cause heavy metal poisoning. While these can be beneficial for the body in small amounts, being over-exposed to the said metals can lead to poisoning. It can happen in health conditions such as Wilson’s Disease.

Based on the exposure levels, medicines may be provided through intravenous methods while being supervised by a healthcare professional. The medications are combined with metals, a binding process referred to as chelation. The doctor will measure the possible metal toxicity using hair, urine, and blood samples.

On top of chelation, people may opt for complementary and natural therapy, such as heavy metal cleanse. However, a majority of the said treatments do not have the backing of any significant research. 

Heavy Metal Poisoning: What Are The Symptoms?

Exposure to metals in the long-term can be toxic and result in harmful side effects. It can range from damage to the organs and headaches. People must opt for treatment if they believe they are experiencing toxicity caused by heavy metal. Some of the possible signs and symptoms of toxicity caused by heavy metals can be different from one person to another based on the kind of metal the person has been overly-exposed to. Cadmium, arsenic, lead, and mercury is some of the metal that individuals may be exposed to in excessive amounts.

Some of the possible signs and symptoms of acute toxicity caused by heavy metals include breathing difficulties, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, and headaches. For cases that are more severe in terms of poisoning caused by heavy metal, symptoms may include paralysis, insomnia, visual disturbances, brain fog, chronic infections, and sensations of tingling and burning.

Heavy Metal Cleanse: Foods To Eat And Avoid

A lot of individuals experience the accumulation of heavy metals in the body due to certain food items that they consume. Some studies suggest that heavy metal buildup can be avoided through proper diet. 

Foods To Eat

Certain food items can aid in cleansing by removing heavy metals from the system. Consuming food rich in vitamins and minerals can also have a protective effect especially if you have been exposed to these kinds of metals. 

Some food items to include are:

  • Probiotics
  • Tomatoes
  • Green tea
  • Curry
  • Atlantic dulse
  • Barley grass juice powder
  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
  • Lemon water
  • Wild blueberries
  • Garlic
  • Cilantro

Also, those who are unable to get the needed vitamin intake daily may consider adding supplements to their daily nutritional regimen. Deficiencies in the levels of Vitamin C, vitamin B-6, and Vitamin B are also linked with a reduced tolerance for heavy metals and are more prone to toxicity. Vitamin C has been observed to have effects that are chelating in terms of iron. In a study conducted on animals, supplements containing B-1 resulted in iron levels that are reduced or decreased.

The United States FDA still does not have the quality and purity of these supplements monitored compared to other medicines or drugs. It is also important to consult your healthcare professional before starting with a supplementation regimen to avoid any interactions with other drugs that you may be taking.

Foods To Avoid

For heavy metal cleanse to be successful, it needs to go beyond consuming veggies and fruits. That is because heavy metal poisoning may be minimized or completely prevented if certain foods are removed from your diet.

That applies particularly to foods such as :

  • Highly processed
  • Foods that contain excess fats
  • Non-organic foods
  • Alcohol
  • Certain fish (especially the larger and mercury-rich ones)
  • Brown rice due to its increased arsenic content

What Is This Condition’s Outlook?

Poisoning or toxicity caused by heavy metals can lead to several side effects that can be harmful. If not treated, it can also result in death. 

It will take some time for heavy metal detoxification to have toxic heavy metals removed from the body but it can be done. However, individuals are reminded to talk to their doctor first before starting on any form detox of diet to address heavy metal poisoning or toxicity so that possible options can be provided.

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