Forskolin Extract Review: Uses, Risks, and Health Benefits

Forskolin is a plant-based supplement from the root of the plant referred to as Indian coleus. It is believed that it can aid in weight loss. But do current forskolin extract review states the same? Let’s find out.

Forskolin Plant

Forskolin: A General Overview

With adults in the United States steadily and increasingly becoming obese or overweight, it is no longer surprising that the utilization of supplements for weight loss has become more commonplace and one such supplement is forskolin. The popularity of this supplement reached an all-time high when its supposed health benefits for weight loss were cited on television by Dr. Oz.  However, the available data on the said supplement may not be able to back up the claims surrounding this supplement for weight loss. But before we look at the other aspects of forskolin, we first need to know what forskolin is.

Forskolin is a supplement that is plant-based and taken from the root of the plant coming from a family of the mint class of plants referred to as Indian coleus. The said plant is native to parts of India, Nepal, and Thailand. This plant supplement has been used since the olden days to address different ailments or medical conditions such as asthma. At present, Forskolin is being promoted as a supplement to lose weight. 

The coleus plant is a tropical plant used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda), a medicine subtype with its roots found in a subcontinent of India which has practices incorporated into Western Wellness. The coleus plant and forskolin have been traditionally utilized in the promotion of wellness and overall health. Forskolin is also the go-to herbal supplement in addressing breathing disorders and asthma. People who are local to India also had the roots of the said plant boiled to come up with some tea for drinking and in the promotion of health. 

Weight Loss and Forskolin: Is it effective?

It is believed that forskolin can aid in weight loss through the creation of enzymes called adenylate cyclase and lipase. Both these enzymes can have fatty acids from the cells of the body released. Once these fatty acids are freed, they may be utilized by the body as an energy source or fuel. When our bodies start burning fatty acids, it may lead to the reduction of fat without adversely affecting lean muscle mass.

This theory, unfortunately, does not take into consideration the fact that losing weight will require some form of deficit in calories before it can happen. As such, an individual needs to burn increased amounts of calories compared to what they are taking in through drinks and food. If this does not occur, then individuals will fail to achieve weight loss. So even if the said herbal supplement can enhance the capabilities of the human body in terms of fat burning, this can be rendered useless without exercise and a diet that is nutritious to support the deficit in calories.

Forskolin: Its Efficacy and related studies

The studies about forskolin efficacy came up with mixed rea double-blind study showed that men who are obese and overweight showed body fat reduction, it only had minimal effect on their total weight. It also led to a testosterone increase. Testosterone levels that are increased have been associated with weight loss that is sustained and reduced weight as well. 

Other studies on forskolin yielded results that are varying. In a study that is double-blind, around 23 females who are overweight were provided with forskolin in the amount of 250 mg (milligrams) of the said herbal supplement two times a day for 2 and a half months. Some studies show how forskolin was unable to aid the test subject to achieve weight loss. However, forskolin seems to reduce any weight gain that is added while it is being taken.

As such, it may be safer to claim that forskolin is not the end-all, be-all solution to losing weight. Several studies point towards its slowing down gaining weight or increasing levels of testosterone in males. It must be noted though, that forskolin is not a magic bullet for weight loss which some suppliers of supplements and even personalities on TV claim it is.

Forskolin: Other possible uses

Forskolin has gained immense popularity in the eyes of the public after getting praised for its possible assistance in the weight loss of individuals. However, this herbal supplement can have other possible uses that experts are looking at. The other potential uses of forskolin include suntan stimulation, blood pressure control or management, glaucoma treatment, heart strength improvement especially for people suffering from congestive cardiovascular failure, treatment of certain cancers, and treatment of asthma.

There are some studies conducted on the effects of forskolin on animals with cancer and it has yielded some positive results and effects. It must be noted though, that human studies still need to be conducted to confirm the aforementioned benefits of forskolin on human test subjects suffering from cancer. Those who wish to try forskolin out may purchase the supplement online. Individuals are reminded though that it is still best to talk to a doctor before starting on this or any other herbal supplement.

Benefits and Risks of Forskolin

Most individuals who are aware of the benefits of supplements for losing weight will most probably be also aware of the precautions of these supplements particularly in terms of their side effects. However, compared to other supplements, it seems like by itself, forskolin seems to be fairly safe for use by most people. 

A lot of these supplements for weight loss can interact with the cardiovascular system by having cardiac tissue stimulated and by having blood pressure increased. Due to the process by which this herbal supplement is metabolized in the body, experts believe that forskolin will not be affecting the cardiovascular system similar to other supplements for weight loss.

It must be noted, however, that just because no adverse indications have been identified for forskolin, does not mean that it should be considered as completely safe for use. This is because supplements for weight loss will generally hide any harmful ingredients of their product prompting the US FDA to constantly remind consumers to be wary of such supplements.

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