Egoscue Method Review On Posture Therapy

Egoscue Therapy aims to directly address issues on the posture, which may be the cause of the patient’s discomfort and pain.

Egoscue method

Egoscue Method: What is it?

A majority of treatments for chronic pain focus on treating or addressing the symptoms of the pain or to attempt to mask or deaden the sensation, Egoscue Method Therapy aims to directly address issues on the posture that may be the cause of the patient’s discomfort and pain. Thousands of individuals have left behind the concept of taking medications and pills to address their pain, identified a substitute treatment method for surgery, and finally experience life from pain. This is the world of treatment Offered by the Egoscue method.

But what is Egoscue? Egoscue is a form of postural therapy that addresses the pain the body feels due to certain imbalances. These problems with posture and body imbalances can be due to postural issues like scoliosis, injuries caused by repetitive motions from work or from exercising, sitting for long hours behind the wheel or an office desk. These factors can all lead to having the body knocked out of its alignment which can then result in body limitations, sleeping troubles, and ultimately, pain.

How is the Egoscue Method applied?

The method known as the Egoscue Method is a combination of the expertise of therapists with modern technology to aid in the assessment of one’s posture to come up with a series of personalized exercises that can bring the balance back to the body and remove the problems and dysfunctions causing the individual discomfort.

One of the most significant aspects of the Egoscue method is that it relies on the good relationship and connection between the patient and the therapist. These certified therapists work together with their patients to aid in their better understanding of their bodies and to trust the biological and structural process within them, properly have the pain’s source identified, and reclaim control of their life (both emotional and physical) so they can enjoy a life that is pain-free and comfortable. Some of the issues addressed by the Egoscue Method include jaw pain, plantar fasciitis, migraines, wrist pain, elbow, shoulder, pain in the ankles, knee pain, hip pain, and back pain.

People may be wondering why the Egoscue Method focuses on postural therapy and the answer is pretty simple and based on nature and this is the design of the body is perfect as it is. However,  the activities we undertake and the lifestyle choices we make can result in certain bodily limitations. The therapist can come up with exercise routines that are gentle and specific stretching routines that can aid in the correction of posture. If done consistently with some constant updates and inputs to the routine from the therapist, this routine that is specific and personalized can be the patient’s life-changing game plan.

With all of these being offered by Egoscue, it is now possible for people to be free from pain for life.

Egoscue Method: How did it start?

The Egoscue Method was established by Mr. Pete Egoscue due to his attempts to identify solutions for his condition. Around 4 decades ago, Mr. Egoscue came back from being deployed in Vietnam bringing with him a prestigious military honor in the form of a purple heart. But along with it, he also suffered from pain in the nerves caused by wounds he received from his military operations.  

Like most individuals, Pete Egoscue was taught to rely on the treatments provided by healthcare and medical professionals. Unfortunately, these experts focused instead on symptoms and were not able to address the underlying condition causing his pain and discomfort. This began Pete’s journey to find a solution to living a life that is free from pain and identifying the true source of all his issues and concerns which are his balance and posture.

At present, Pete Egoscue is a practicing physiologist of the human anatomy with experience in healing spanning four decades. He was previously a member of the Marine Corps deployed in Vietnam but he is now dedicating his efforts to help people suffering chronic pain and physical suffering. His system upholds the theory that by design, the body is perfect as it is and that a majority of the pain experienced by individuals along with the emotional and psychological toll this kind of pain brings. Pete asserts that the body of human beings has powers of regeneration that are amazing and the ability to have itself healed once the restoration of the alignment of the posture is attained.

Pete has developed numerous various exercises that are gentle over the years which if conducted in the right sequence and the proper form, can aid in the restoration of posture, improve mobility, and eliminate chronic pain.

A Step by Step Procedure of the Egoscue Method

As stated earlier, the Egoscue Method is a therapy for the posture which can be utilized in the elimination of pain and improve mobility. It will require the following steps listed below:

  • Introduction to the treatment form a certified and trained expert
  • Discussion of the path of the client’s journey to being free from pain
  • Use of technology to identify posture problems through the ePete
  • Use of corrective postures and exercises that are computer-generated specifically developed to address the needs of the individual. The options for these routines can be adjusted to suit the needs of individuals with limitations to mobility and physical ability.
  • The support is ongoing and updates are delivered in an environment that is safe, positive, and comfortable.
Egoscue method

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