Coconut Sugar Review: Is It A Healthy Sugar Substitute?

Ever heard of coconut sugar? If you haven’t you are at the right spot. We will be looking at the coconut sugar review. Here you will find out things you need to know about this sugar.

Coconut sugar

For some years now, so many people have ditched the idea of using white sugar. since experts have come up with ideas and reasons why taking too much of this sugar can affect the body. Well, for many they have been on the search for a product that’s as sweet as sugar without all the side effects that come with using sugar. Many substitutes have been to replace white sugar but that would not be our focus for today. Instead, we will be taking a look at the coconut sugar review. This is one of the substitutes that you can opt for. 

The coconut tree is one tree that has served the human race in many ways. There are so many products that are gotten from the tree. Talk of coconut flakes, coconut water, coconut wine, and coconut vinegar. Now we have coconut sugar. There are many things though that you have to find out about coconut sugar. Some people are quite concerned about the fact that coconut sugar may not be a healthy alternative. Is this true? You will find out here if this sugar substitute is indeed a healthy one. So if you want to find out more about this then you have to keep reading. 

Is It a Healthy Sugar Substitute? 

This is a kind of sweetener that is made from coconut sap. The sap used is gotten from the stem of the flower bud of the plant. For so many years now, this tree has been used as a source of sugar. Some processes come with making coconut sugar. The sap is gotten then boiled then after a while it is dehydrated. This causes the evaporation of water. The small granules that are left behind happen to be the coconut sugar. Some people say that the taste of this sugar is just like brown sugar. 

Now let’s move to the main question? Is coconut sugar a healthier alternative for cane sugar? The truth about this question is that there is quite limited data that can help find the answer to this question. 

One thing that people have found out is that coconut sugar comes with a lot of nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. The thing though is that a lot of this must be consumed for it to be beneficial in the body. This is where the body lies. We all already know that consuming so much sugar can be harmful to the body. So consuming so much coconut sugar would be a bad idea. 

According to research, this sugar is made up of about 70-80% sucrose and this is the sugar content of regular sugar. The remaining percentage is for pure fructose and pure glucose. Using coconut sugar as an alternative to regular sugar because you want to reduce sugar content isn’t the best idea. It is sure better than regular sugar but still close to regular sugar in terms of content. 

One other good thing about coconut sugar is that it contains some minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc. It also contains antioxidants, polyphenols, and inulin which is a fiber. That’s why this sugar is believed to be a bit healthier and better than the regular sugar that we eat. 

Benefits of Coconut Sugar 

Low glycemic index

This is a big deal for diabetic people. According to some studies it has been found that this has some benefits to be people that are diabetic. Given that the glycemic index is low it wouldn’t be able to raise the blood glucose level very fast. It also contains inulin which is known to help reduce the absorption of glucose in the body. With this, the levels of glucose in the body would be well regulated and balanced. The thing though is that you have to be very careful with the consumption of coconut sugar. The glycemic index can be quite tricky and this can cause problems in people with diabetes

Contains nutrients

This sugar compared to many other sugar types is known to contain a lot of nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. Even though the amount is quite small they are still beneficial. The phytonutrients present are known to be effective for dealing with inflammation, lowering cholesterol levels, and reducing blood sugar. That’s why some people believe this sugar is a better alternative to many of the sweeteners out there. 

Improves gut health

A substance found in this sugar is inulin. Inulin is fiber. And fiber has always been known to be great for gut health. It helps improve the growth of microbes in the gut. With this, there is better digestion and excretion. At the same time, it can help boost the immune system of the body thus reducing the risk of conditions that can affect the gut. 

Side Effects and Precautions

Take note that consuming too much coconut sugar is as bad as consuming too much table sugar. They have similar calorie content and sugar components. So you have to be careful when it comes to consuming this sugar. 

As regards other side effects and precautions, very little information is available. The good thing is that this sugar is well-tolerated by a lot of people. So the chances of having problems after taking this sugar are very low. 

It has also been found out that taking foods that are high in sugar would worsen inflammation. At the same time, the risk of having certain metabolic problems greatly increases. So you have to be very careful and at the same time intentional when it comes to consuming coconut sugar. Track how much you consume and how often you consume it. This would help you know when you need to slow down with taking the sugar. Or even when you have to stop taking it for a while. 

Also, when getting coconut sugar make sure you opt for the organic type. Other types contain added sugar. And this just increases the amount of sugar you are consuming. Make sure you check labels well before you pick any coconut sugar product. With this, we have come to the end of our coconut sugar review. 

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