Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster

Do more reps in the gym and on the bed with this monstrous testosterone boost thanks to Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster.

bottle of cellucor testosterone booster

If you want a testosterone booster that you can rely on, Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster could be the product for you. Made from clinically-researched ingredients designed to boost performance, this product delivers immediate results that you will definitely enjoy. Do more reps in the gym and on the bed with this monstrous testosterone boost thanks to Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster.


Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster is safe to use especially since it is manufactured by Cellucor, a tried-and-tested, award-winning supplements company that adheres to strict production and cleanliness standards.

Here are its supplement facts:

  • P6 Extreme Blend (1114mg)
  • Tribulus Alatus fruit extract (250mg)

P6 Extreme Blend is made of Adaptest Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root extract, Ovine Placenta powder, Agaricus bisporus fruit extract, Saw Palmetto fruit extract, Wild Yam root extract (standardized for Diosgenin), Stinging Nettle root extract, Myrica rubra bark extract (standardized for Myricetin), and Clary Sage whole plant extract (standardized for Sclareolide).

Other ingredients include Capsule Shell with gelatin titanium dioxide, natural and artificial coloring, Magnesium Stearate, and Silica.

This product contains milk.


Take one serving (two capsules)in the morning with or without food. Take one serving (another two capsules) in evening before bed with or without food. For best results, use for eight weeks in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Do not exceed four capsules per day.

Side Effects

Generally, Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster is safe to use just like any testosterone supplement. However, testosterone-induced side effects have been reported so you have to be careful if you notice any adverse reactions. Some of the reported side effects include acne, oily skin, mild fluid retention, prostate issues, enlargement of breasts, decrease in testicular size, sleep apnea, aggression, and mood swings. It would be best to talk to your doctor if you do plan to have a testosterone supplement regimen. Any sign of negative reaction after taking this product should warrant discontinuance of use until greenlighted by your physician.

People with the following conditions should not be taking any testosterone supplement:

  • History of heart ailments
  • High risk for stroke
  • Problems with high blood
  • Cholesterol issues
  • Men trying to have children


There are many benefits that Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster has to offer.  Here are some that you can enjoy when you choose this product as your testosterone aid:

  • Increases energy
  • Enhances muscle growth
  • Promotes lean muscle development
  • Supports testosterone level
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Regulates estrogen
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Made of clinically studied ingredients


For a one time purchase of Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster, you have to shell out $89.99.  If you are a repeat customer with a subscription, you can get as much as a 15% discount. This product is a lot pricey compared to other similar products available in the market today.

Company Information

If you have questions about Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster, you can reach them using the following contact details:

715 N Main St
(E. Martin Luther King Jr St.)
Bryan, TX 77803
United States
[email protected]

Customer Reviews

Here are some of the positive reviews Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster has received at Amazon:

  • “This is the only supplement I’ve ever used and it works quite well. I’m sure its rise in popularity has resulted in the ingredients being filled with more.. well, ‘filler’ additives to increase return value (because I remember the old formula being much stronger) also the herbs lose their potency pretty quickly so buy right before you plan to begin use. Keep the dosage around 3 per day for good results, (keep an eye on your testicles, seriously, they will react unfavorably to overdosing on this stuff) best part is, this makes your body create natural testosterone rather than being an artificial steroid, of course, that in and of itself can have side effects.”  – JJ
  • “I have been using p6 for 3 years now, and it increases the level of my workouts when I am using it. I’m 49 and recommend p6 for anyone, especially for anyone that was an athlete and wants to maintain a higher level of fitness.” – Amazon Customer
  • “I was seeing great results with exercise but then i got sick for a week and continued taking them normally. I didn’t see or feel any muscle, strength, or endurance loss. Great for recovery and helping me come back stronger than before.” – Ray L.
  • “Great Product at a great price!! love it!” – Brad Whittle
  • “Puts me to sleep in less than an hour. Wake rested and ready to tackle my day.”  – Byron Ansell

Here are some negative reviews about the product:

  • “I’ve used this off and on in the past and had great results but this bottle so far hasn’t been as potent.”  – JBH
  • “I was hoping for better results, but I had to pair it with another brand to get what I wanted.” – John Perkins
  • “I really haven’t seen or felt any difference since using this product.” – S. Kelly
  • “I bought this as a cheaper alternative to some other T-boosters. Complete waste of money.” – Zvstrack

Where to buy

Cellucor P6 Original Testosterone Booster is available in leading fitness stores. If you want to get it online, you can do so through Amazon. Here is the link to do just that:

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