Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder

If you want a power-packed high energy creatine supplement, then Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder can do the job for you.

Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder

If you want a power-packed high energy creatine supplement, then Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder can do the job for you.  With the amazing strength boost that it offers, you can now train harder and longer. Coming at varying sizes to suit your needs, this creatine supplement should be your top choice if you want high intensity energy and a creatine formula that you can trust.

Is it safe to use?

On the manufacturing side, you can be assured that you get a quality product with Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder.  It has been third-party lab tested to ensure that it is safe and effective.

It does not contain any dangerous or unnecessary ingredients such as sugar, soy yeast, and gluten.  It is certified Vegan friendly.


As a dietary supplement, take 2500mg (½ tsp) to 5000mg (1tsp) daily, preferably before a workout or as directed by a physician.  Since creatine draws water from the body, make sure you take this supplement in conjunction with eight to ten glasses of water a day.

Side Effects

Just like any creatine supplement, Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder is generally safe to us for as long as you stick with recommended dosage.  However, there have been side effects supposedly linked with creatine supplements. These include diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea, headache, and muscle cramping.  There has also been reports of hair loss, irregular heartbeat, and weight gain. Best thing to do is to consult with your doctor if this supplement will go well with your current health and dietary considerations.

If any of these conditions apply to you, use of creatine as supplements is highly discouraged:

  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney concerns
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Parkinson’s Disease


Here are the benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to use Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder as your fitness supplement:

  • Builds lean muscle
  • Promotes mental focus
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves endurance
  • Increases speed and strength
  • Hastens recovery after strenuous activities
  • Mixes well with any beverage of choice
  • Best value for money
  • Lab-tested quality
  • Vegan friendly


The price of Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder varies according to its size.  The smallest packaging comes at 100g which sells for $10.96. The biggest at 25kg sells for $186.96.  Other sizes available are 250g at $12.96; 500g at $16.96; 1kg at $20.96; and 5kg at $90.96.

Company Information

Should you have inquiries about Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder, these contact details may prove to be useful:

7511 Eastgate Road
Henderson, NV 89011

Customer Reviews

Here are some positive reviews about Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder from verified customers on Amazon:

  • “This. Stuff. Here. You’ll never need anything else! Incredible value per oz, and the powder is so incredibly fine; it blends so well you’ll barely notice in in your recovery drink. I mix a double serving with a scoop of Cellucor’s aminos and another helping of unflavored BCAA for a recovery matrix I can sip pre-through-post workout. The fruit punch amino flavor is just enough to cover up any potential chalky taste you might get with creatine. Creatine powder does tend to settle. Just give it a little shake every time you drink, no big deal.  I’ve been taking creatine for about a year and have used a variety: Cellucor, GNC brand, walmart (pill form)…out of everything this has been the most comparable to GNC’s in terms of texture (I actually use an old bottle and refill with this! Shh…) Creatine is awesome for muscle recovery; I definitely feel a difference when I take it! This product is no different. You don’t need anything fancy for monohydrate. In fact, I probably feel less swollen from water weight (if at ALL) after taking this product over others. Don’t ask me why!  Sometimes I’ll wake up sore or under the weather, too – this is great to take then and speed the recovery process along with a lil’ energy boost! Getcha some!” – Adriana
  • “I workout often after work, and am trying to gain strength, so I started looking in to pre-workout supplements to give me energy after a long day. The downside with most store bought supplements is that they come with so many fillers, and they ALL have SO MUCH caffeine (which I cannot take after like noon if I want to sleep well). By buying each component separately from bulk supplements, I can design my own pre-workout mix without the caffeine and without any additives. After extensive research (and no, I am not a professional, so I’m not advocating the below unless it worked for you, do your own research!) here is the list of ingredients I use: Beet Root Powder: Energy, boost endurance and increase strength, replaced caffeine for me — it definitely has a strong beet taste, but I kind of like that it offsets the lack of taste of the other ingredients. Sometimes I throw in coconut sugar for sweetness to offset the strength of the beet. Beta Alanine: Research shows it helps fight muscle fatigue and increases muscle endurance in high-intensity exercise. Creatine Monohydrate: Most sports scientists consider creatine to be the number one supplement for increasing strength and power. L-Citrulline: Citrulline increases blood flow to body tissues. Research shows that for exercise, this may help supply your muscles with the oxygen and nutrients they need and stimulates muscle endurance & reduces muscle soreness. BCAAs: To aid in recovery. Often taken after workouts, but does have similar benefits when take in pre-workouts. Theanine: Boost alertness and reaction time, it also has a calming effect, so great for afternoon/night workouts. Also found to go great when combined with the caffeine in pre-workouts. I mix all ingredients into a large twist top jar, because adding a little bit from all the bags every day would be tedious! Also because you’re working with powder, the zip-lock is annoying, so would not be ideal if opening everyday.” – Alexandra
  • “I’ve been buying my supplements from 2 companies so far (protein from one, BCAAs & creatine from another) and thought I’d give Bulk Supplements a try because I’ve been displeased with the creatine I normally purchase. Lately, it doesn’t blend as well as it used to, so that’s I started to shop around. I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt that the one container was a fluke, but when the replacement container also didn’t mix well, I gave up. What caught my attention regarding Bulk Supplements was the high number of reviews they have for a large majority of their products, as well as the great things people said about the company.  I have used their creatine 17 times now and can say I’m happy with how it blends. I use it post workout (about 4x/week) and have always appreciated the benefits from creatine. The customer service has also been phenomenal and I think I’ll continue ordering my creating from them.” – VA Girl
  • “I have been lifting weights for about one year. I have researched the use of creatine and it seems like the supplement with the most value for helping improve muscle that I have found. I followed the rec dose on the package. I did not do the loading that many people talk about as I researched that the loading phase is not needed. I noticed about a 4 lb weight gain in the first 2 weeks that is from water retention in the muscles due to the creatine. I noticed in about 7-10 days an increase in my max reps before fatigue was about 15%. For example, my regular routine was to do bicep curls, 10 reps for 3 sets with failure at/around the 10 rep point. I was lifting 30lb dumbbells. After taking the creatine for 7-10 days I found my failure to be 12 reps. I found all my other lifting routines had a similar increase of the reps to failure. I did not notice any side effect that I could tell except the water weight gain. This mixed pretty well and dissolved about 90%. I did notice that if you let your drink sit for a few minutes after mixing some of the mix would precipitate out but I would just add a little more liquid or shake the bottle some. It had almost no taste and I would mix it with sports drink, iced T or even water without noticing it was in the drink. This is a great value for this supplement for the price. I Am still using this product and will continue to order this supplement.” – Raj
  • “To begin, I’m 52. Male. Active but not a triathlete. Injured my shoulder 2 years ago, requiring a visit to the hospital and a summer of PT. I struggled to get back into it (May 2017). Started with machines. I was in the gym 6 days a week. I did see improvements in strength, but not really any noticeable physical changes.  My son suggested Bulk Supplements Creatine. I don’t know if it’s connected, but I started a new weight routine and started taking Bulk Supplements Creatine… my wife and kids have noticed a difference in my body shape within a month. I’m gaining confidence with the added strength and am really starting to push my left shoulder. I’m beyond the point of worrying about re-injury.  I mix it in with my protein. No noticeable taste and I don’t feel any grit. I will order again.” – Marty

Here are some negative reviews this product has received:

  • “I purchased this product based on the reviews and really wanted to continue using it but within 3 days, started cramping and had to stop using it. Apparently, the reviews that says it can start a cycle where there might not have been one, is real. I would not recommend this product for women for that reason alone. It stimulates that muscle which is good, but in turn can also start a monthly cycle that has been non-existent until taking this product. Please take caution if you are a female to avoid what I have gone through.” – Annette Voss
  • “I recently bought it. Packaging is disappointing: You open this bag and a white cloud of dust comes out. Trying to seal the bag is almost impossible (the seal is sooooooo low quality that it remains unsealed, even when you press as hard as you can). When you move the bag around (because it does not seal properly) you are visited by the white cloud of dust that comes out of the bag again, and again. Moving the contents to a container is almost a must if you don’t want to be inconvenienced.”  – Tony5900
  • “I like the product itself in the past, but the zip lock bag doesn’t close! I don’t mean it doesn’t stay closed, but it won’t close at all. This may be a new thing with the new package (defect), but given that this is micronized, fine powdered product, you’d think that they would give more attention to how it closes and stay closed.” – Domo
  • “I’m sure it works as well as other creatine powders, but compared to other brands that I have tried it does not dissolve as well as most so you’re left drinking gritty liquid. In the long run it’s not a big deal, but unless they change their processing I won’t be purchasing this again. To be fair though you won’t find this amount of weight for cheaper.” – Robert S. Inks

Where to buy

You can purchase Bulk Supplements Creatine Powder online using any of these links:



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