The 20 Best Thyroid Supplements Of 2020

Thyroid supplements can greatly benefit you. In this article, we will look at some of the best thyroid supplements for the year 2020.


You and Thyroid Supplements: A Brief Introduction

You may be asking if thyroid supplements are effective and the most direct and accurate answer to this question is yes- it does. Aside from being effective, these supplements are important. Through the positive experiences of thousands of individuals, there is evidence to suggest that thyroid supplements can be pretty effective.

Most health professionals will prefer to use the aforementioned supplements combined with other forms of therapies and together with medication for thyroid. According to a majority of health professionals, this combination of treatments can be the single most effective way to utilize thyroid supplements.

Some individuals may be worried about using supplements for the thyroid when they are already affected by thyroid diseases. This can be a concern for these patients as taking the said supplements for the thyroid can greatly benefit the aforementioned group of individuals. This article will look at some of the best thyroid supplements for the year 2020. But even before this article goes full swing, it is simply recommended that individuals take supplements for the thyroid!

The 2020s TOP 3 Supplements for Thyroid

Below are some of the best supplements for the thyroid for the year 2020:

1. Dr. Westin Childs  T3 Conversion Booster

After using different thyroid supplements over the years, Dr. Westin noted that supplements can never really be one size fits all approach and that every patient with a thyroid concern will have his or her own unique situation. While the manufacturer believes that his thyroid supplements are one of the best in the market at present, he admits that individuals still have different needs and preferences that can influence their choice of supplements.

One consideration would be the size of the pill and the components or ingredients included in the product as some patients may be allergic to some of the above-mentioned ingredients. As such, while Dr. Westin’s Thyroid supplement claims to be the best, he still encourages individuals to be aware of their other supplement options in case the T3 Conversion Booster is something that they cannot physically tolerate or if certain ingredients are a no-go.


This supplement has both selenium and zinc (in highly absorbable forms) to aid in the conversion of the thyroid and aid in the reduction of the glands of the thyroid. Also, the ingredients in this product are available in therapeutic dosages which have been noted to have certain benefits in terms of the functions of the thyroid gland. Also, the product has a combo of selenium and iodine to ensure that no adverse effects are caused by iodine. 


The most common negative comment for this product is that the strength of the product can be too much for some people. This translates to people sensitive to its ingredients or components that can feel a bit jittery as part of their reaction to the product. Certain ingredients can be overstimulating for some individuals and this is natural but overall, the product is generally safe for use and does not have any adverse side effects.

2. Dr. Axe’s Thyroid Support System

Up next is the thyroid supplement coming from Dr. Axe. This product is included in this list since the manufacturer has a line of supplements that is of high quality which helps in the treatment of patients in such a holistic way. Some of the ingredients of this supplement include a prebiotic and probiotic blend that is plant-based, tonic mushroom, thyroid balance botanical blend, and selenium. 


This product comes from a manufacturer with a solid background on what it takes to holistically approach the healing of the body and this supplement draws from this manufacturer’s expertise on the matter. It contains various ingredients that can aid in the pathways of detoxification, improve gut health, lower inflammation, and improve mental cognition.

Also, the ingredients that are soil-based can greatly benefit individuals who may have issues in terms of gut health. The inclusion of probiotics to support the thyroid is also an excellent choice as conversion happens in them. Lastly, while the said ingredients are effective in supporting thyroid health, they are actually quite light when having the thyroid targetted.


The ingredients in this product are not the traditional ingredients found in most thyroid supplements. In fact, the ingredients found Dr. Axe’s Thyroid supplement is geared more towards having the body detoxified and the enhancement of the gut.

Ashgwanda, selenium, and kelp are the only ingredients considered to be specific for the thyroid. This product should be considered as part of a bigger regimen in terms of thyroid health and care as on its own, it may have a hard time greatly push for hormone conversion in the thyroid and the sensitivity of the cells of the hormones. The supplement can definitely aid in the improvement of digestion and as such influence the function of the thyroid indirectly but if you want to focus on thyroid function, it may be best to look for other dedicated thyroid supplements.

3. Standard Process’  Thytrophin PMG

Several patients have been using this product from Standard Process for a long time and for good reason. While newer products for thyroid conversion are currently available in the market today, some individuals found that they get the desired results using Thytrophin PMG. It is still unclear who the ingredients in this supplement are delivered to the patient but it seems to come from a base that is animal-derived (specifically bovine)


Using animal-based products can be effective in targeting issues with the hormones and other imbalances to the hormones. It has been observed that these kinds of products can greatly help thyroid function and thyroid health. Unfortunately, this advantage can also be the product’s main con.


This product can be a sort of a niche type of supplement. Not all patients need thyroid gland supplements coming from animals but some might do. It is just something that needs to be considered as an alternative of last resort.

Below are seventeen 17 other Thyroid Supplements to consider in no particular order:

  • Thyromate
  • Thyrochoice
  • Zhou Nutrition Thyroid Support
  • Thorne Research Thyrocsin 
  • Pure Encapsulations Thyroid Support Complex
  • Thyrotain
  • Thyro 8
  • ThyroScript
  • Thyrobin Thyroid Support
  • Actalin
  • Nature’s Sunshine Thyroid Support
  • Natrabio Thyroid  Support
  • Terry Naturally Thyroid Care
  • Absolute Nutrition Thyroid T-3 Booster
  • Thyrolibrium
  • Body Thyroid Support Supplement
  •  Probiome Thyroid Support System
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